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Top 15 Best Birthday Celebration Places In Delhi

Delhi is India’s Capital or officially you can say that it is a National Capital Territory and a Union Territory of India. The Old Name of Delhi was Indraparastha, as per Hindu mythology Pandavas used to live here in Mahabharat era. Delhi has gained immense popularity among tourist and people from all over the world. This city is popular for its rich culture and heritage. Delhi shares its border with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The capital city is divided into two parts. First is Old Delhi and the other one is New Delhi. 

Delhi has a lot of places to celebrate your birthday. This day is special for everyone whether we are kids or adults. We all love celebrating our birthdays and that thing matters a lot. It doesn’t matter that we are celebrating it with our friends, family or our loved ones. Whenever we are talking about our special day the first thing that strikes in our mind is ‘Venue’. If you are in Delhi you don’t have to worry about the venue because this city has the best birthday celebration places in Delhi. Where you can have a perfect celebration of your special day. 

Everyone knows that Delhi is heaven for party lovers who want to celebrate their birthday. There are many trendy venues available for your birthday bash. These birthday parties venues come in different price ranges. In this blog we listed the top 15 best birthday celebration places in Delhi to make your decision easier.

Top 15 Best Birthday Celebration Places In Delhi

My Bar Headquarters

In Delhi My Bar Headquarters is a very popular place among party lovers because of its nightlife, ambiance and affordable price. It is located at Connaught Place or CP. Delhi people love to come to this place at least once to celebrate their birthday. This place offers various types of drinks and North Indian and Chinese cuisine. The food quality is good and for two people you need Rs.5000 approx.

Olive Bar And Kitchen

Olive Bar and Kitchen is one of the most well known fine dining restaurants in Delhi. Which is known for its Mediterranean style cuisine and wonderful ambiance. This place is located in Mehrauli, New Delhi. The menu of this restaurant offers you a variety of dishes like salads, pizzas and Meat options for non veg lovers. The food quality is outstanding and for two people you need Rs.5000 approx.

The Hogwarts Cafe

If you are a Harry Potter fan then there is a place for you in Delhi, The Hogwarts Cafe. The theme of this cafe is inspired by the Harry Potter movie and located in Rohini. This distinctive cafe is decorated with house banners, potion bottles and many other iconic elements from the beloved series. The menu is also creative, you find named dishes and drinks, such as “Butterbeer” and “Polyjuice Potion,”. The average cost of the food here is Rs.700 approx for one person.

Biryani Blues

If you are die hard fan of biryani then this place is only for you. The Biryani Blues is paradise for biryani lovers. Biryani Blues has multiple outlets across the city and it has become the first choice for biryani lovers. They have a variety of biryanis such as chicken, mutton, and vegetarian options. The price of the biryani depends on your selection.

Pind Balluchi Restaurant

If you are missing traditional village culture in Delhi and want to eat food in traditional village style then none other than Pind Balluchi Restaurant is the only option for you. Which is located in Rohini. The ambiance of this place is so good that you can see the thatched roofs and mud walls. The menu is rich with North Indian delicacies. This place is the best birthday celebration places in Delhi and for family dinners. The average cost of a meal for two here is Rs 1600 approx.

Pinch of Spice

Pinch of Spice is a well renowned restaurant in Rajouri Garden, Delhi. It serves North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. It attracts food lovers with its rich food and ambiance. This place is the best birthday celebration places in Delhi and for family gatherings. The average cost of a meal for two here is Rs 1600 approx.

Delhi Metro

Celebrate your birthday event on the Delhi Metro for a unique and memorable experience. Packages are available with prices starting from ₹10,000, depending on the duration, distance and specific services requested. Celebrations can be held during off-peak hours, typically on weekends. Decorations, music, and catering services can be arranged to make your event special. Booking must be made at least two weeks in advance. For detailed pricing and customization options, contact the Delhi Metro customer service.

Rajinder Da Dhaba

Rajinder Da Dhaba in Delhi is a famous eatery known for its delicious North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. Located in Safdarjung, it has evolved from a small roadside dhaba to a bustling food hub. Despite its modest appearance, the quality and taste of the food are outstanding. Food prices are also cheap and range from Rs 200-600 for one person.

Mic Drop 2.0

Mic Drop 2.0 is a bar and restaurant in Delhi and is located in one of the poshest areas which is South Extension. The venue regularly hosts live music performances, in-house DJ, creating an energetic atmosphere. This place offers various types of drinks and fusion of global cuisines. It is one of the best birthday celebration places in Delh with friends, family, and colleagues. The average cost of a meal for two here is Rs 4000 approx.

Barbeque Nation

If you are a food lover then Barbeque Nation in Saket, Delhi. It is one of the best birthday celebration places in Delhi that you can choose. If you are searching for the budget restaurant then your search ends here. They are serving an unlimited buffet at just Rs. 799. Whether you’re a hardcore non-vegetarian or a vegetarian. Apart from that, they will treat the birthday boy and girl with the complementary birthday cake at the end of the meal.

Mia Bella

Mia Bella is one of the best birthday celebration places in Delhi. This place has a majestic ambiance and is the most picturesque scenery because of the beautiful Hauz Khas Lake. In this restaurant you can enjoy several cuisines from Indian, Chinese, Italian, European, Continental, desserts and drinks. Mia Bella hosts several special nights and special events with his in house DJ. The average cost of a meal for two here is Rs 3000 approx.

Sagar Ratna

If you are searching for the best birthday celebration places in Delhi but want to try south Indian cuisine. Sagar Ratna is one of the best options for you in Connaught place. Sagar Ratna serves some of the best south Indian food in Delhi. Uttapam with coconut chutney is an evergreen dish here. The average cost of a meal for two here is Rs 1100 approx.

 Jamun Restaurant

Jamun Restaurant is located in Lodhi Colony, Delhi. Interestingly, this restaurant themed it as a Berry and that is why the restaurant name is Jamun. There is a feeling of joy as soon as you step into the restaurant. You can get any cuisine you want, especially North Indian. If you want to spend and celebrate your birthday then this is the best birthday celebration places in Delhi. The average cost of a meal for two here is Rs 1800 approx.

Ardor 2.1

Ardor 2.1, located in the heart of Connaught Place, Delhi, is a trendy and luxurious restaurant and bar known for its vibrant ambiance and eclectic menu. The establishment serves a mix of Indian and international cuisine, with signature dishes that cater to diverse tastes. Ardor 2.1 is popular for its theme nights, live music and DJ performances, making it a center of attraction for nightlife enthusiasts. The average cost of a meal for two here is Rs 2000 approx.

The Sky High

Sky High in Delhi is a rooftop lounge that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline. Located in Ansal Plaza, it is famous for its cozy ambiance, making it an ideal place for both casual outings and special occasions. Sky High’s open-air setting, comfortable seating and live music create a perfect atmosphere to enjoy an evening under the stars. The average cost of a meal for two here is Rs 2500 approx.


Delhi offers an array of exciting and diverse venues for birthday celebrations, catering to various tastes and preferences. From luxurious hotels and vibrant rooftop bars to serene garden cafes and lively amusement parks. The city’s rich blend of tradition and modernity ensures a memorable experience for all age groups. Each of the top 15 best birthday celebration places in Delhi brings its unique charm and ambiance, providing ample options. Whether you’re seeking a sophisticated evening, a fun-filled adventure, or a tranquil retreat. By choosing the right venue, you can create unforgettable memories and celebrate your special day in the heart of the capital city.

FAQs on Birthday Celebrations in Delhi

Q. Where can I celebrate my birthday in Delhi?

A: Delhi offers a variety of venues for birthday celebrations, including restaurants, cafes, clubs, lounges, and outdoor spaces. Popular choices include Social, The Sky High, Olive Bar & Kitchen, and My Bar Headquarters.

Q. Are there any unique places to celebrate a birthday in Delhi

A: Yes, unique options include rooftop bars like Sky High, heritage sites like The Lodhi Garden, and themed restaurants like The Hogwarts Cafe and Jamun Restaurant.

Q. Which place is best for celebrating a birthday?

A: Some of the best restaurants for a birthday dinner include Indian Accent for fine dining, Pind Balluchi for a traditional Indian feast, and The Sky High for a rooftop dining experience.

Q. What are the aesthetic places in Delhi for a party?

A: Aesthetic options include Jamun Restaurant with its charming decor, The Hogwarts Cafe for its minimalist vibe, and Pind Balluchi for a rustic, village-like setting.

Q. Can you suggest some rooftop venues for a scenic birthday celebration

A: Popular rooftop venues include Sky High, Mic Drop 2.0, and Ardor 2.1. These spots offer stunning views and a great ambiance.

Q. Where can I take my girlfriend on her birthday in Delhi?

A: Romantic options include Mia Bella, Mic Drop 2.0, and Olive Bar & Kitchen. These restaurants offer a cozy ambiance and excellent cuisine.