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Fairs and Festivals of India

Fairs and Festivals of India

Fairs and Festivals of India. India is a country with lots of different cultures and traditions. People in India celebrate many different fairs and festivals all year round, depending on where they live. These special events show how lively and diverse Indian culture is. They also help the Indian tourism industry grow because many tourists come to India just to experience these special fairs and festivals. Festivals and fairs are so important in Indian culture that they are a big part of people’s lives. These events are like a big party where people show off their rich culture and traditions. To truly understand India, it’s important to learn about these fairs and festivals in detail.

Fairs and Festivals of India | India Fairs & Festivals

Here are the list of fairs and festivals of India:

1. Holi – Colorful Festivals of India

Holi is the most famous festival in India, and it happens in the springtime. It’s all about young people having fun. People throw colorful powder on each other and dance to Holi songs. This festival has stories from long ago, like one about a king who thought he was more powerful than God. His son refused to worship him, so the king’s sister tried to burn the son with a special power she had. But instead, she got burnt up, and the boy was safe. So, on the night before Holi, people light bonfires to remember this story and celebrate beating evil.

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2. Diwali – Light Festivals of India

Diwali is a big festival in India where people have lots of fun. They celebrate it in every part of the country. Diwali happens on a special day when there is no moon in the sky. Hindus believe it’s the day when Lord Rama came back to his city, Ayodhya, after winning a battle. People welcomed him by lighting small lamps called diyas. Even today, we celebrate Diwali by lighting diyas and candles, and we also worship the goddess Laxmi to ask for her blessings.

3. Dussehra – Vijayadashami

India is a country with lots of festivals, and each festival is important in its own way. Dussehra is one of these festivals, and it represents the beliefs and traditions of the people. Dussehra, also known as Navratri, happens in the first nine days of the Ashwin month in the Hindu calendar. During this time, people worship Goddess Durga and her nine forms. Each day of the festival is considered special and pure.

Dussehra is celebrated most enthusiastically in places like Gujarat, West Bengal, and parts of Rajasthan. In Gujarat, people love to dance in colorful Garbha dances during the Dussehra festival. In the eastern part of India, people celebrate Dussehra with a lot of excitement and energy.

4. Janmashtami – Birth of God Shree Krishna Ji

Janmashtami is a big Hindu festival celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday. It’s celebrated all over India, but it’s super special in Vrindavan, Mathura, and Dwaraka because they’re believed to be where Lord Krishna lived. On Janmashtami, there’s a fun ceremony called Dahi Handi. Young people try to break a pot filled with curd or buttermilk hanging up high. It’s a blast!

5. Maha Shivaratri – Festival of God Shiv & Paarvati Maa

In India, people celebrate Mahashivaratri with lots of excitement. This festival is really important for unmarried girls because they fast all day and pray to Lord Shiva to find a good husband. People also bring special water from the Ganga River and walk to temples without shoes to pour it on a statue of Lord Shiva. There are many customs and traditions that devotees follow on this day. They start by taking a bath in the river and then go to the temples to pray. Mahashivaratri is also a lucky day for devotees to visit any of the twelve special temples of Lord Shiva in different parts of the country.

6. Ganesh Chathurthi – Festival of Joy

Lord Ganesha, who is also lovingly called Ganapati, is a popular God in India. He is often shown as a chubby, smiling, and playful deity. People believe that Ganesha can give us wisdom and wealth. That’s why he is one of the most loved gods in Hinduism.

To show their gratitude to Ganesha, many people in India, especially in places like Maharashtra, celebrate his birthday with a ten-day festival called Ganesh Chaturthi. During this festival, they worship Ganesha’s statue, which is usually placed in homes, temples, and halls. On the last day, they take the statues in a parade and immerse them in water.

People also fast, eat delicious food, and share sweets during Ganesh Chaturthi. They pray to Ganesha by lighting lamps and offering prayers. Some people make special statues of Ganesha just for this festival, while others buy them from artisans.

This festival happens in the month of Bhadrapada, which falls between August and September in the Indian calendar. The exact date varies each year in the English calendar. In places like Maharashtra and Pune, people celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi for ten whole days.

7. Baisakhi – Festival of Happiness

Baisakhi is a happy festival celebrated in Punjab, India, when farmers collect their crops. It’s also a special day for Sikhs because their leader, Guru Gobind Singh, started the Khalsa Panth long ago. This festival happens in April or May. In some parts of India, it’s called by different names. People enjoy other harvest festivals like Bihu in Assam and Pongal in South India during this time too.

8. Rakshabandhan – Festival of Strong Bond Between Brothers & Sister

Rakshabandhan is a special day when brothers and sisters promise to take care of each other. It’s celebrated in August. Sisters tie a pretty thread on their brothers’ wrists to show their love. Brothers promise to protect their sisters. They say a special prayer to keep them safe. This day makes the bond between brothers and sisters stronger. Girls look forward to this festival every year, and it changes dates in August based on the Indian calendar.

9. Pushkar Fair – Fair Festival of India

Every November, there’s a special event called the Pushkar fair in Rajasthan, India. It’s like a big party where you can see everything that makes Rajasthan unique. People wear bright traditional clothes, there’s beautiful jewelry and pottery, and it lasts for four days. It happens when the moon is full in a month called Kartik Purnima. You can also do a lot of shopping there. They have better places to stay now, so people from all over the world come to this event.

One of the coolest things is a big camel fair where people from all over Rajasthan bring their camels, horses, and cows to show and sell. There are also amazing performers like acrobats, jugglers, snake charmers, and fire-eaters who do incredible tricks. And you can even go on a camel ride to experience the fair in a special way. It’s a super fun time!

10. Desert Festival – Desert Festival of India

The town of Jaisalmer, which is usually quiet, becomes very lively and exciting during the Desert Festival. This festival is a chance for Jaisalmer to show its happy and colorful side to the world. People at the festival dance and make music, and you can see different types of dances like Ghoomar, Gangaur, Gair, Dhap, Moria, Chari, and Terahtal. The most exciting part is when fire dancers perform. The festival happens in January-February and has fun things like a competition to tie turbans, Gair dancers, and fire dancers who do amazing dances with fire. There are also contests like turban tying and Mr. Desert, camel races, acrobatics, dances, and camel polo, which are very impressive. You’ll have an amazing time watching traditional dances with desert music on the sand dunes – it’s the best part of the festival!

11. Camel Fair, Bikaner – Festival of Camel

A special mix of colors, music, and animals. The Camel Festival starts with a beautiful parade of decorated camels in front of a red sandstone fort. Then, there are camel races, camel milking, and camel competitions. The camels also do tricks and dance to their riders’ commands. They wear colorful gear and jewelry, and their shadows look cool on the sand. There are also dancers and fireworks that make the desert city of Bikaner look amazing.

12. Nagaur Fair – India’s Cattle Fair

Nagaur is a place where lots of cows, horses, and camels gather for a big event called a cattle fair. It’s famous in our country and even people from other countries come here to buy special fast-running bulls. The people who own these animals have big mustaches and wear colorful clothes, which makes the fair interesting.

People also buy and sell cows, bullocks, camels, and horses at this fair. It happens every year in January or February and gives local people a chance to do a lot of shopping.

At the end of the fair, there are fun games like tug of war, camel races, and songs that make everyone happy. The Red Chilly Market is the main attraction, but you can also find wooden things, iron crafts, and leather stuff to buy at the fair.

13. Hemis Festival, Ladakh – Birthday of Guru Padmasambhava

The Hemis Festival happens in a big place called a courtyard at the Hemis Monastery in Ladakh. It celebrates the birthday of Guru Padmasambhava. During the festival, people wear special masks and do exciting dances while playing musical instruments like cymbals, drums, and long horns. There is also a colorful market where you can see and buy beautiful handmade things. It’s the most important part of the festival.

14. Gangaur Festival – India Festival

Gangaur is a big celebration in Rajasthan, a place in India. It happens about two weeks after another festival called Holi and lasts for 18 days. This festival is all about honoring a goddess named Gauri, who is a form of Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva.

During Gangaur, girls and married women in Rajasthan decorate pictures of Gauri and offer her things. It’s also a special time for young people to choose their future husbands or wives. There are colorful parades with music, horses, and fancy chairs called palanquins, which make the festival exciting to watch.

People in Rajasthan celebrate Gangaur with a lot of excitement, but the celebrations in Jaipur and Udaipur are especially charming. It’s also a big deal in other places like Bikaner, Jodhpur, Marathwara, and Jaisalmer.

Throughout the two weeks of Gangaur, girls worship the goddess, and they take out beautifully decorated pictures of Gauri in a parade with music. In Udaipur, there’s even a special parade on a lake with boats. Women there balance heavy brass containers on their heads, which adds to the fun.

Many people from the countryside come to join the Gangaur parade, which travels from one village to another. This is a time when young people from different tribes meet and talk freely. Some even decide to run away together and get married. This unusual but romantic custom is accepted by the community and helps young people find their life partners.


India’s rich tapestry of cultures and traditions comes alive through its vibrant fairs and festivals. These celebrations not only reflect the country’s diversity but also serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of its people. From the colorful exuberance of Holi to the luminous Diwali, from the devotion of Maha Shivaratri to the camaraderie of Baisakhi, each festival offers a unique glimpse into India’s soul. These gatherings aren’t just events; they’re an integral part of life, a celebration of heritage and values.